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We help the building and real estate industry to benefit from the digitalization.

We help our customers to identify and realize digital improvement potentials. Quite often companies are facing the challenge to identify untapped improvements potentials. Within an assessment we analyze the current digital maturity level of organizations and develop an individual digital strategy as well as specific measures for action.

BIM can be seen as the core of digitization in the building and real estate industry. Nevertheless, digitization goes beyond BIM and there are numerous other topics potentially being relevant to our customers. Data Analytics, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Robotics, Wearables or innovative IT Management Systems are examples for potential digital use cases of our customers. Consequently, BIM is no isolated solution or the “Holy Grail” of digitization in the building and real estate industry. We rather see BIM as the base for a holistic but individual digitization concept that we jointly realize together with our customers. Consequently considering customer objectives and generating added value are always top priorities of our consulting services.

DEUBIM structures the BIM maturity level assessment and BIM introduction concept for your company along 5 factors. The human being is always at the center of implementing the BIM method. In addition, we evaluate the maturity level of an organization regarding company-specific processes, technologies, data and framework conditions. 

We support our customers on their individual digital transformation journey. Starting with the definition of objectives and formulation of a strategy up to the realization of concrete measures and a related implementation roadmap. We do not leave you alone with the digitization of your company but rather support you with complementing change management and support services throughout the entire project cycle.

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We help our customers to develop and implement a company-specific BIM strategy. The biggest challenge companies are facing within a BIM implementation is the question where to start and with what kind of action. In a first step, we analyze the current BIM maturity level of our customers’ organization with help of an assessment. The results of the assessment provide us a solid base to develop an individual strategy to successfully implement the BIM method.

The strategy is part of a holistic company-specific BIM introduction concept (also called BIM implementation concept). The introduction concept includes the definition of BIM objectives before it comes to the development of the BIM strategy and a corresponding catalogue of measures. What are relevant BIM application fields and uses in your company? We jointly develop an individual BIM introduction roadmap through prioritization of measures. Apart from BIM the introduction roadmap considers other digital topics that are relevant to your company and incorporates them in a holistic digitization concept.

The experience from numerous projects has proven that the consideration of the initial individual situation of an organization is a critical success factor for a sustainable BIM implementation. Consequently, we place special emphasize on a thorough organization analysis being able to clearly define the requirements before implementing the BIM method. 

A sustainable BIM introduction takes several years since it’s a new way of working in a company. The assessment results and resulting introduction roadmap help our customers to quantify required internal and external resources for the BIM implementation. In this context, the BIM implementation context serves as solid decision base with regards to upcoming investments.

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We support our customers not only by setting up their strategic direction but also by actively helping them to realize concrete measures ensuring successful implementation of BIM in their organizations. The initial situation of our customers always varies. On the one hand, we help organizations to derive appropriate measures within the BIM maturity level assessment as a first step. On the other hand, some organizations have already developed their specific measures and it requires us as facilitators to successfully execute them to implement BIM.

In general, an organizational BIM implementation is depending on external as well as internal personnel resources to successfully execute all measures needed. The identification of the essential measures and the allocation of responsibilities is part of the BIM strategy and introduction concept.

Our BIM implementation services include measures on organizational and project level. Based on the BIM objectives we develop BIM application fields and define concrete BIM uses. The creation of company-specific BIM standards (e.g. EIR, BEP, IDM or Modelling Guidelines) is a fundamental measure to successfully implement BIM. With help of workshops and in-depth interviews we support our clients to identify the individual requirements of measures required for a successful BIM implementation. DEUBIM is characterized by a software-independent consulting approach. In this context we help our clients to define their software requirements. In a next step, we help them also with the software decision by providing them a solid base for decision. Furthermore, we support customers to define tenders covering BIM-specific requirements and to evaluate external project participants regarding their BIM competences and capabilities.

BIM is a new working method. The enablement of employees to use BIM correctly is a critical success factor for the BIM implementation. Therefore, DEUBIM has been specialized on BIM training very early and is a pioneer in this competence area in Germany. We support our clients to develop and execute company-specific BIM training concepts. Individuals can participate in our BIM basics course jointly provided with our cooperation partner TÜV SÜD academy.

In addition, we help customers with our change management services to increase the user acceptance of the new working method across employees and external partners. We do not leave you alone with the digitization of your company but rather support you with complementing support services throughout the entire project cycle.

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